How To Fight Anti-Semitism

On a non-feminist note.

This is why free speech matters.

I am deeply opposed to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions. I’ve come to see them as instruments that promote the reputation of Canada’s white majority at the expense of the rights of individual Canadians. That’s not a good thing to let out of the bottle. It’s no wonder to me that Ezra Levant has said of the Canadian Jewish Council “I blame the Jews”. As a Jewish guy himself he’s being funny, he’s expressing his frustration that the CJC is defending an institution that, in treating the “majority” “racial” “group” as if they are a racial group does absolutely no good for equality – as Blazing Cat Fur rightly says.

…the rest is stated angrily. Worth reading I think if you don’t mind starred out f-bombs. please do read it anon, it’s more or less about your views.

Has anyone in the CJC read Hannah Arendt’s arguments in The Origins of Totalitarianism about the sources and wellsprings of anti-semitism? Have they thought about it in that way? Much as I oppose the tribunals I can see how they could fight hate or at least be seen as doing so. And the CJC has every f****** reason to do so thank you very much. But that is only possible if the tribunals treated all Canadians equally. They don’t and it doesn’t really have to do with the CJC. That is primarily because of the soft, sickening bigotry that causes only “white” bigotry, or what they see as bigotry, to matter to the “white” commissioners. It registers with them because it matters to them that people of “their” colour say things that they don’t want associated with “their” “race” – and so vastly more obvious and invidious hate that comes from cultures they don’t identify with are given a pass.

Guess f****** what? When the “white” “majority” gets treated like they are a distinct racial group and they see their rights as being prejudiced they don’t f******* like it. How the f***** is it supposed to help? It’s not – the commissioners are so much more concerned with the reputation and political culture of their supposed “white” “majority” that they are f******* blind to the consequences.

There are people even more stupid than that and that is what this post is about. You’ll find one or two in the comments at Blazing Cat Fur’s post. They’ve decided that because “Jews” are so prominent in promoting the tribunals there is a problem with “Jews”. There are two I addressed, and as angry as I am, LS from SK really isn’t bad. It’s a little questionable to go on specifically about Jewish individuals but in a sense it would be questionable if they were given a pass because of their identity. Both smack of treating them as “the other”. And it certainly makes sense that people frustrated by the tribunals find it especially frustrating that Jewish groups or individuals support them when they are convinced that the tribunals do no good in fighting hatred.

And in fact, the anonymous commenter doesn’t really make me angry either. They are clearly anti-semitic completely aside from this issue – try this quote from a comment where they pretended to be concerned about how the tribunals are counterproductive for “Jews” – he/she says “Jews” go after people “who have an alternative view of WWII history“. Frankly, I find this both infuriating, and funny. I’ve invited them to talk about it in this post. (*if anyone sees a parallel there with my post about What feminism means to you, please don’t. I have no respect for this person’s views.)

And this is why free speech matters. This person was anti-semitic almost certainly before they heard anything about the Human Rights Commissions. I want to know why and what makes them feel this way. I want them to know they are wrong.


3 Responses to “How To Fight Anti-Semitism”

  1. da wolfe Says:

    to anon: we could start with this – “As a Jewish guy himself”

    Is Ezra a Jew?

  2. Blazingcatfur Says:

    Good post Wolfe

  3. da wolfe Says:

    thanks. I hope they read it and realized it wasn’t as agressive to them as it sounded in your thread. It does make me wonder if there’s something to add to how we get our points across that doesn’t encourage this.

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