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How To Fight Anti-Semitism

December 21, 2008

On a non-feminist note.

This is why free speech matters.

I am deeply opposed to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions. I’ve come to see them as instruments that promote the reputation of Canada’s white majority at the expense of the rights of individual Canadians. That’s not a good thing to let out of the bottle.┬áIt’s no wonder to me that Ezra Levant has said of the Canadian Jewish Council “I blame the Jews”. As a Jewish guy himself he’s being funny, he’s expressing his frustration that the CJC is defending an institution that, in treating the “majority” “racial” “group” as if they are a racial group does absolutely┬áno good for equality – as Blazing Cat Fur rightly says.

…the rest is stated angrily. Worth reading I think if you don’t mind starred out f-bombs. please do read it anon, it’s more or less about your views.