Egypt and Saudi Arabia fault Hamas

January 18, 2009

Update: Just reread the report. Was I on drugs when I read it the first time? Yes. These the media is indelibly biased pills go to your head fast, and stay there.

Still, the fact that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are capable of holding Hamas responsible says something about the extreme condescension of many westerners, if not Canoe News.

This Canoe News report is interesting on so many levels.

Well, two:

A) Egypt and Saudi Arabia blame Hamas, and 10 “Arab leaders” refused to attend the Hamas press conference

B) Canoe didn’t really report it that way

It would be biased to report it my way, but C-News cannot mention the Saudi and Egyptian positions without saying they are “pro-American”. When they mention the “10 Arab leaders” who didn’t attend they proffer the theory that this was under pressure from Riyadh and Cairo. It’s a fairly typical way to report these things but isn’t there an undercurrent of western chauvanism to link the Saudi and Egyptian positions so baldly to being “pro-American”?

It’s like what I call “the racial chauvanism of white guilt” – the idea that someone could believe that Hamas is wrong and responsible for their actions just doesn’t compute for white westerners accustomed to thinking that everything wrong in the world is due to the all powerful ‘white’ or western man and only he can fix it.

How else can Canoe condescendingly report the Saudi’s and Egyptian’s positions as if they couldn’t possibly be making judgements independent of western influence?

I find it rather myopic.


The true story about Boxxy

January 16, 2009

Update: “Boxxy’s” youtube and other online accounts got hacked. Apparently one of the hackers leaked the information they found which the group originally threatened to leak if she ever made another video, ie: her name, address, freinds names, and so on. The “leader” of the hackers is so disturbed that this happened that he’s concluded that even if this girl had been “trolling” for youtube hits and popularity on image boards it wouldn’t be right to find her information and post it on the internet.


This is the original link from this post: The Boxxy Story. The Boxxy videos can be found on the youtube account Boxxyakamoldybread are back up on the original account are around on youtube. (Update: the original hacked account is suspended, and copies on another account were removed. I think this might be at the actual girl’s request, so I’m not looking up any more.)

This is the “apology” from the lead hacker (*new link, to a screen capture*) – apparently the last name and address are not actually known, although he appears to believe that there are people trying to find that out.

Not funny anymore.


January 16, 2009

Maybe the most discouraging thing about Gaza is how much hatred and callousness there is in places far away from the Middle East. If people a thousand miles away can have no understanding of the other side there’s little hope for where the missles fly.

There’s one place where that changed.

What if we begin to see joint protests like this – Jewish and pro-Israeli people protesting Israeli settlements in the west bank and Arabic and pro-Palestinian people protesting Hamas and Hezbollah?

What if the Jewish diaspora demanded an end to the settlements and the Palestinian diaspora demanded recognition of Israel’s right to exist?

That would be a message of peace.

Vote for Stageleft – Ameliorate Narwal Suffering!

January 15, 2009

I obviously don’t agree with Balbulican and Stageleft very often. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. I’ve said before I’ve been a blog reader for several years and the fact is I remember two names from way back as being people I respect on the left – POGGE and Balbulican.

In the aftermath of Turkeygate – when Sarah Palin was being mocked as an unaesthetic rural rube for appearing in a Turkey Pardoning news story that had turkey “carnage”, as the New York Times put it, in the background – I went to Stageleft’s site to mock them back.

Maybe I felt a little stereotyped – having participated in the turkey to food customs of us rural rubes at a farm just outside of my hometown in Saskatchewan.

Instead I found the last thing I expected – a post called From Narwal to Food in Three Easy Steps. With discussion on the pickling thereof in the comments.

Probably my all time favorite. So go to Saskboy’s place and read and vote for Stageleft’s post about Narwals, and ameliorate the suffering of the stereotyped – and of helpless animals.

By Whose Friends Shall We Judge?

January 15, 2009

Last negative post about Gaza. I actually just found one story that gives me a lot more hope than anything…

I can’t decide which one of these videos disturbs me more. One is a rally in New York supporting Isreal… or better to say against Gaza.

The other is in London, and what do you call it? Just disturbing.

The New York rally, from Sinister Greg’s post: By Their Friends Ye Shall Know Them (*note: I’m not saying these are equivalent. Just not very encouraging. At least these people had to be goaded, and their positions are more reasonable than the guy with the microphone half the time. (he thinks the only place to make weapons in a school is “under the desks”. That is what’s known as useful idiocy.) And the guy that says if Hamas doesn’t distinguish between civilians and soldiers ‘we’ shouldn’t either… at least he stops short at the suggestion of wiping Gaza off the map. Israel would already be gone if the situation was reversed.)

The London rally, from Pelalusa’s post (see the incredibly brave woman in orange): London In 2009 (*swearing*)

The Courage of the Canadian Conscience

January 14, 2009

Canada Stands Alone. And I am very proud.

The UN resolution we voted against, 13 countries refused to vote on, and 33 countries voted for was wrong.

It uses loaded language from go. (from Dawg – see the comments for debate on the language) The framers of the resolution used the death of children to advance their narrative. Makes you wonder which one matters more to them.

Hamas and Hezbollah know that as long as they don’t get the blame, two things help their cause: dead Jews and dead Palestinians.

This is what Canada stands against today.


The comments to the SDA post, which is my first link, are interesting. Anarchore, who commented on my last post, has a point of view I don’t agree with. At all. And I think anarchore has said some bigoted things. But compare what anarchore said in this comment:

In 1967 israel was surounded by enemies also.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob showed up and helped her whop a little butt!

To what RightWingProf said in this comment:

2. I like the giant bulldozer idea. After we’ve plowed the UN under, we can turn it on Gaza.

Not much of a fan of Isreal’s attempts to target Hamas only? However much I disagree with anarchore, he or she is the compassionate of those two. (Update: Just checked anarchore’s site. It’s completely racist. Their “compassion” is just for propoganda purposes.)


Meanwhile, two Canadian posts about this that do not pick sides blindly: one conservative, one progressive.

So what do we do?

January 13, 2009

This whole debate about Gaza is dominated by wishful canards.

  • On the side that is critical of Israel’s attempts to stop attacks on its civilians – that violence never helps. Everything I’ve read about Hiroshima and Nagasaki suggests that dropping nuclear bombs on Japan in World War II saved several hundred thousand Japanese lives by shocking the Emperor into ending the war. Against the wishes of his generals.
  • That Israel is so perfect. Try some of the people, including Prime Ministers of Isreal, that Dr. Dawg quotes starting here in this thread. I’d like someone to explain their participation in the British-French attack on Egypt (justified though it might have been from the British-French perspective), or more than that, why during the Falklands War the British had to buy out Israeli ship-killing missles that they were trying to sell to Argentina. (yeah, tell me again that Israel is a British/American puppet or vice-versa. what, Israel is the #1 American aid recipient? Egypt is #2. btw, why did Palestine have western aid to lose before Hamas got elected?)

Israel will simply not allow it’s innocent civilians to be attacked when it exists for the purpose of creating a place where that can’t happen. And I don’t see how anyone can expect any different. Is there another country in the world for which “proportionality” would ever mean anything less than stopping rocket attacks on its cities? Israel faces calls for boycotts for the most humane response to terrorism that, in my judgement, the world has ever seen. Keep in mind that the majority of deaths in Gaza are of militants – a record that makes nations like Russia and America look Stone Age. Just why is that? It would be different if the rocket attacks were on occupying military targets or settlements only. But they’re not.

  • How does anyone expect the people that control Palestine to ever be people that recognize Israel’s right to exist when Hamas and Fatah are their “democratic” choices? A choice between different people with guns is democracy? You blame Palestinians for Hamas? Go ahead and start a peaceful party to run in the next election there. Go ahead… and tell me how long you live.
  • Why doesn’t anyone expect any better of Hamas? Are they capable of not trying to kill innocent people or not? They’re not stupid. They know that, as long as they don’t get the blame, two things help their cause of destroying Israel – which they won’t even pretend to not believe in: dead Jews and dead Palestinians.

This has been the worst one – that Israel is negotiable or the western countries that were responsible for the Holocaust should have been the ones to pay for it. Even St. Canada rejected Jewish immigrants until after Hitler’s crimes embarrassed the west into having a conscience. Jewish people lived in the Arab countries in the Middle East up until the creation of Israel when the new existence of an alien nation changed the semi-racist Muslim toleration of Jews with the added fear that they would tend to be on Israel’s side when the interests of Israel and Arabic/Persian countries were opposed.

The Muslim world was much safer and more tolerant overall for Jewish people over the last 2000 years. They made the Christian world look savage. Even if the western world was responsible for the holocaust that would just make the existence of Israel more neccessary – after the holocaust how can you expect Jewish people to have to trust the west for a safe place? On Israel’s 10th anniversary Abba Eban argued in this interview that Israel is all the land the Jewish people have and the Arabs have so much more. It’s long past debate on whether Israel was a good idea in the first place. Isreal is not negotiable.

  • That Israel will and should allow the “right of return”. About the same number of Jews were forced to leave their centuries old middle-eastern homelands as Palestinians fled based on fears and were pushed out of Israeli territory. The difference is that Israel took those people in, but the Arabic countries didn’t want Palestinians as anything more than a problem for their new enemy. How can Israel possibly deal with that when they had to build a wall to deal with the terrorists among the same people outside of their country – and when Arab countries including Egypt wall the Palestinians out too because the radicalized elements of their population threaten their governments? Vastly more people were displaced from India to Pakistan and vice versa in a very similar event when those countries were partitioned. But their children are not counted as refugees by the UN. In fact displaced Palestinians are the only people in the world the UN treats as permanent refugees, including their children. Why is that?

So what do we do? To protect itself from invasion Israel occupied land that only led to the creation of guerilla organizations that can’t be defeated so cleanly. Now the radicalized people have Lebanon by the throat and make it so no Arab country will be willing to absorb refugees. I fear it’s a completely intractable problem. Would a UN or other multilateral force be willing to create a big enough buffer zone that Hamas couldn’t hit Israeli cities? It would take a generation at least for this poisoned chalice to ease its composition. We can’t even handle Afghanistan right now – and why should Israel trust a UN buffer when the last one left at Egypt’s request before another attempt on Israel’s life?

The only thing I can think of is a small group of countries unafraid to face Hamas and Hezbollah’s wrath for standing between them and innocent Jews, and demanding a return to ’67 borders and an end to settlements from Israel. That would mean maybe nobody but America, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain deciding that peace means enough to us to pay in the kind of blood Ronald Reagan left Lebanon over, much less than what Belgium tried to prosecute Romeo Dallaire for when he tried to save lives in Rwanda.

But a non-international buffer group would probably fail anyway. You’d probably need a UN/multilateral force made up of volunteers. If the leaders of our nations care enough for Gaza to say their precious ceasefire homilies maybe they should start to think about something like that. Perhaps Hamas and Hezbollah are bloodied up enough themselves for them to pause their indoctrination in blood… if we make some breathing space.

When it comes to double standards, the URQs are outclassed

January 12, 2009

teh politics… crank up the grain-of-salt meter

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Textured Blogs

January 12, 2009

My favorite kind of blog right now… not too partisan, personal but not only personal, and… textured.

– Ric Dolphin is writing about working in the trades in Alberta. He’s a writer including for The Western Standard while it graced us for a little while, like an unrepentant redneck comet. Ric has taken to eulogizing the demise of the good ‘ole broadsheet. It probably wouldn’t be helpful if I said that his “blog” (as he might put it) is the best writing of any blog I follow lately. But in fact it is in a way an advertisment for the downfall of writing for a deadline. The Western Standard got too boringly partisan even for me and Dolphin’s “blog” is anything but that. The real good ‘ole broadsheets had poems and serial novels – real writing, literature even. Nowadays Paris Hilton has displaced poetry. I prefer “blogs”.

-My favorite Canadian blog – Rebellious Arab Girl. The last time I read it she was complaining about the cold and threatening to move to Hawaii. Apparently she’s still here. I think it’s my favourite thing about Canada – we all experience the bitter and beautiful cold. It’s like a national hazing…

-And this one by Lilian Nattel, almost a definition of a “textured blog”: A Novelist’s Mind… curious and amazed.

The one thing you should read about Gaza

January 12, 2009

The most hopeful voices are the quietest.