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Enough… too much

December 23, 2008

Chip: Shoulder. Shoulder: Chip. Say goodbye.

Thanks Mir. (and Fern, too)

When I made my nomination for Best Feminist it was about her. When I clued in that it wasn’t going to be a postive experience I tried to make it about me. Maybe not too smart since it turns out I took it personally more than anyone.

In the end, it is about her and that’s how it should be.

The post where I gave my reasons for nominating Sara was written partially from the chip on my shoulder and not really intended for what I used it for. It was selfish of me to just link to it as it was written, because as much as I was sensitive to people rejecting me for what I was saying I understood that they would feel rejected by what I was saying. (wrong or right) I tried to let them know I wasn’t rejecting them, and partly so they wouldn’t reject me – without truly moderating what I was saying at all. I invited people to a post that tried to be freinds while strongly questioning important views.

That was maybe more genuine than inconsiderate. Either way, I’m sorry.

I guess all I mean to say is I care about this in India about no dogs or women allowed, and I’m glad and proud to live in a culture with songs like this too. …and happy holiday, I’ll probably be away tomorrow to the new year…