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The true story about Boxxy

January 16, 2009

Update: “Boxxy’s” youtube and other online accounts got hacked. Apparently one of the hackers leaked the information they found which the group originally threatened to leak if she ever made another video, ie: her name, address, freinds names, and so on. The “leader” of the hackers is so disturbed that this happened that he’s concluded that even if this girl had been “trolling” for youtube hits and popularity on image boards it wouldn’t be right to find her information and post it on the internet.


This is the original link from this post: The Boxxy Story. The Boxxy videos can be found on the youtube account Boxxyakamoldybread are back up on the original account are around on youtube. (Update: the original hacked account is suspended, and copies on another account were removed. I think this might be at the actual girl’s request, so I’m not looking up any more.)

This is the “apology” from the lead hacker (*new link, to a screen capture*) – apparently the last name and address are not actually known, although he appears to believe that there are people trying to find that out.

Not funny anymore.