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December 2, 2008

I wrote this in a comment at Waking Up On Planet X:

More than any economic consideration, it’s making me sick to read the libs and dippers legitimize the Bloc so eagerly… no, no it’s worse than that. It’s cool, it’s smart, it’s tidy. Layton wrapped it up in a bowtied box for them, and they open it without a flicker in their eye. It’s almost impassive.

The NDP and Liberals have made a deal for a coalition government and there is a separatist signature on the paper. There is a little sidebar box at this blog.  The box is titled “Canadians For A Progressive Coalition”. There are three links in it:

Getting involved [BQ]
Getting involved [LPC]
Getting involved [NDP]

There is no catch and no question to their reaction. No twist in the gut to see LPC beside NDP beside BQ. Says Idealistic Pragmatist:

The Bloc isn’t a protest vote, it’s a province-centric vote. It’s why they get so many votes from non-sovereigntists who are nonetheless Quebec-centred–they’re perceived as being the only ones who are really going to fight for Quebec interests. So having an agreement with the Bloc that you’ll help them get goodies for Quebec in exchange for them supporting your government will be a thorn in the side of the new government (if it happens), but that’s nothing at all new. The Bloc will always be a thorn in the side of any minority government, so unless we’re going to bring in proportional representation before the next election (thus cutting their power down to what they’ve earned instead of the inflated seat count they get with First Past the Post), we’d better all learn how to work with them.

Jack Layton:

And I’ll just say one other thing about the issue of the Bloc: nothing could be better for our country, than to have the fifty members who’ve been elected to separate Quebec to actually helping to make Canada a better place.

I am going to search for someone with a second thought…