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Jackson Browne covers by James Dupre

February 3, 2009

I guess I’ve run out of blogging steam for the most part, maybe another few posts. I’m thinking of coming back in a few months with a bit more structure, and probably be around commenting in any case. Thanks very much for reading!

Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to some of the songs on James Dupre’s youtube channel – especially covers of Jackson Browne.

The Naked Ride Home

For a Dancer

These Days


Pretentiousness is bliss

January 26, 2009

According to the author of this post about the song My Girls, it would be unsavvy of me to post about it. (assuming I have an audience) So I’ll just link to it. But let me mischievously posit: are we talking about Savvy or Pretence? Consider some of the author’s phrases:

  • “I’ve been guiltily buying Animal Collective albums for a while now, and it has taken me a long time to fall hard.”
  • “…discography…”
  • “If this is what neo-primitivism sounds like, sign me up. No ritual scarring, please.”

My highly sensitive pretencedar was ringing 3 bells. Then the first comment:

“Pretty good. This song’s hook, structure, and charming relationship to past pop music seems analogous…”

That’s a 5 bell alarm. But then I listened to the song, several times. Now that comment about charming relationships sounds very much in tune. I don’t listen to this kind of music… ever, which is probably why I’ve never thought of a song as having a nice, sweet aftertaste. Ugh. Now I’m setting myself off. If this is pretence, pretentiousness is up there with ignorance.

***Update: Just listened to My Girls a few more times dammit. It’s not a sweet aftertaste, it’s more round – like a peeled almond. Yeah, like if you just had a peeled almond in your mouth for a while and can still taste it. Now where’s my Okie From Muskogie CD…***

Anyhow, Jessi Colter is sweet, almondy, and most importantly – unpretentious:

Listening in on Kentville

December 16, 2008

Listening to AVR 97.7 on the internet… they have a facebook group with a great description:

AVR 97.7 FM is based in Kentville, Nova Scotia. AVR Network delivers today’s hottest Country music to listeners from Chester to Parrsboro and Mount Uniacke to the Yarmouth County line…

Chester, Parrsboro, Mount Uniacke… the Yarmouth County line? I’m guessing those were cherrypicked. I love it.

And I can’t believe I’ve never heard One More Girl before (Update: whatever you think of my musical taste here, there is no arguing with the Hairflip! on the right at 7:14! Also, see the “Wussy – in the studio” video in the related videos at the end. That is a cool song.)