Pretentiousness is bliss

According to the author of this post about the song My Girls, it would be unsavvy of me to post about it. (assuming I have an audience) So I’ll just link to it. But let me mischievously posit: are we talking about Savvy or Pretence? Consider some of the author’s phrases:

  • “I’ve been guiltily buying Animal Collective albums for a while now, and it has taken me a long time to fall hard.”
  • “…discography…”
  • “If this is what neo-primitivism sounds like, sign me up. No ritual scarring, please.”

My highly sensitive pretencedar was ringing 3 bells. Then the first comment:

“Pretty good. This song’s hook, structure, and charming relationship to past pop music seems analogous…”

That’s a 5 bell alarm. But then I listened to the song, several times. Now that comment about charming relationships sounds very much in tune. I don’t listen to this kind of music… ever, which is probably why I’ve never thought of a song as having a nice, sweet aftertaste. Ugh. Now I’m setting myself off. If this is pretence, pretentiousness is up there with ignorance.

***Update: Just listened to My Girls a few more times dammit. It’s not a sweet aftertaste, it’s more round – like a peeled almond. Yeah, like if you just had a peeled almond in your mouth for a while and can still taste it. Now where’s my Okie From Muskogie CD…***

Anyhow, Jessi Colter is sweet, almondy, and most importantly – unpretentious:


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