Egypt and Saudi Arabia fault Hamas

Update: Just reread the report. Was I on drugs when I read it the first time? Yes. These the media is indelibly biased pills go to your head fast, and stay there.

Still, the fact that Egypt and Saudi Arabia are capable of holding Hamas responsible says something about the extreme condescension of many westerners, if not Canoe News.

This Canoe News report is interesting on so many levels.

Well, two:

A) Egypt and Saudi Arabia blame Hamas, and 10 “Arab leaders” refused to attend the Hamas press conference

B) Canoe didn’t really report it that way

It would be biased to report it my way, but C-News cannot mention the Saudi and Egyptian positions without saying they are “pro-American”. When they mention the “10 Arab leaders” who didn’t attend they proffer the theory that this was under pressure from Riyadh and Cairo. It’s a fairly typical way to report these things but isn’t there an undercurrent of western chauvanism to link the Saudi and Egyptian positions so baldly to being “pro-American”?

It’s like what I call “the racial chauvanism of white guilt” – the idea that someone could believe that Hamas is wrong and responsible for their actions just doesn’t compute for white westerners accustomed to thinking that everything wrong in the world is due to the all powerful ‘white’ or western man and only he can fix it.

How else can Canoe condescendingly report the Saudi’s and Egyptian’s positions as if they couldn’t possibly be making judgements independent of western influence?

I find it rather myopic.


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