Vote for Stageleft – Ameliorate Narwal Suffering!

I obviously don’t agree with Balbulican and Stageleft very often. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect them. I’ve said before I’ve been a blog reader for several years and the fact is I remember two names from way back as being people I respect on the left – POGGE and Balbulican.

In the aftermath of Turkeygate – when Sarah Palin was being mocked as an unaesthetic rural rube for appearing in a Turkey Pardoning news story that had turkey “carnage”, as the New York Times put it, in the background – I went to Stageleft’s site to mock them back.

Maybe I felt a little stereotyped – having participated in the turkey to food customs of us rural rubes at a farm just outside of my hometown in Saskatchewan.

Instead I found the last thing I expected – a post called From Narwal to Food in Three Easy Steps. With discussion on the pickling thereof in the comments.

Probably my all time favorite. So go to Saskboy’s place and read and vote for Stageleft’s post about Narwals, and ameliorate the suffering of the stereotyped – and of helpless animals.


2 Responses to “Vote for Stageleft – Ameliorate Narwal Suffering!”

  1. balbulican Says:

    Hey there. Just read your comment, and thank you very much. I really am moved by your praise. And sorry I can be such an asshole sometimes. I probably won’t stop, but at least I’m intermittently sorry about it.

  2. da wolfe Says:

    Thanks – a lot. I hardly need to mention that I’m a well accomplished asshole myself.

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