By Whose Friends Shall We Judge?

Last negative post about Gaza. I actually just found one story that gives me a lot more hope than anything…

I can’t decide which one of these videos disturbs me more. One is a rally in New York supporting Isreal… or better to say against Gaza.

The other is in London, and what do you call it? Just disturbing.

The New York rally, from Sinister Greg’s post: By Their Friends Ye Shall Know Them (*note: I’m not saying these are equivalent. Just not very encouraging. At least these people had to be goaded, and their positions are more reasonable than the guy with the microphone half the time. (he thinks the only place to make weapons in a school is “under the desks”. That is what’s known as useful idiocy.) And the guy that says if Hamas doesn’t distinguish between civilians and soldiers ‘we’ shouldn’t either… at least he stops short at the suggestion of wiping Gaza off the map. Israel would already be gone if the situation was reversed.)

The London rally, from Pelalusa’s post (see the incredibly brave woman in orange): London In 2009 (*swearing*)


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