The Courage of the Canadian Conscience

Canada Stands Alone. And I am very proud.

The UN resolution we voted against, 13 countries refused to vote on, and 33 countries voted for was wrong.

It uses loaded language from go. (from Dawg – see the comments for debate on the language) The framers of the resolution used the death of children to advance their narrative. Makes you wonder which one matters more to them.

Hamas and Hezbollah know that as long as they don’t get the blame, two things help their cause: dead Jews and dead Palestinians.

This is what Canada stands against today.


The comments to the SDA post, which is my first link, are interesting. Anarchore, who commented on my last post, has a point of view I don’t agree with. At all. And I think anarchore has said some bigoted things. But compare what anarchore said in this comment:

In 1967 israel was surounded by enemies also.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob showed up and helped her whop a little butt!

To what RightWingProf said in this comment:

2. I like the giant bulldozer idea. After we’ve plowed the UN under, we can turn it on Gaza.

Not much of a fan of Isreal’s attempts to target Hamas only? However much I disagree with anarchore, he or she is the compassionate of those two. (Update: Just checked anarchore’s site. It’s completely racist. Their “compassion” is just for propoganda purposes.)


Meanwhile, two Canadian posts about this that do not pick sides blindly: one conservative, one progressive.


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