Textured Blogs

My favorite kind of blog right now… not too partisan, personal but not only personal, and… textured.

– Ric Dolphin is writing about working in the trades in Alberta. He’s a writer including for The Western Standard while it graced us for a little while, like an unrepentant redneck comet. Ric has taken to eulogizing the demise of the good ‘ole broadsheet. It probably wouldn’t be helpful if I said that his “blog” (as he might put it) is the best writing of any blog I follow lately. But in fact it is in a way an advertisment for the downfall of writing for a deadline. The Western Standard got too boringly partisan even for me and Dolphin’s “blog” is anything but that. The real good ‘ole broadsheets had poems and serial novels – real writing, literature even. Nowadays Paris Hilton has displaced poetry. I prefer “blogs”.

-My favorite Canadian blog – Rebellious Arab Girl. The last time I read it she was complaining about the cold and threatening to move to Hawaii. Apparently she’s still here. I think it’s my favourite thing about Canada – we all experience the bitter and beautiful cold. It’s like a national hazing…

-And this one by Lilian Nattel, almost a definition of a “textured blog”: A Novelist’s Mind… curious and amazed.


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