AlphaInventions vs. Condron!

(Update: (Ryan) Condron responds!… in the comment(s) – they’re workin’ on it, lol. Update 2: AlphaInventions comments as well – leading the way and rolling out new features in a bit. Update 3: More props for AlphaInventions in the comments.)

I don’t like to interrupt the skydiving posting flow, or what I think is the flow, of this blog but…

So apparently people are reading, or at least briefly becoming aware of the existence of this blog from the blog surfing sites and AlphaInventions. Sweet… I’m guessing someone that knows more about blogging than I do entered this site into their cycles? Thanks!

Condron seems to send readers more regularly (but not as many) and I like that it automatically cycles between blogs without the dog eat dog AlphaInventions style where bloggers enter their address and instantly bump off the last blog featured, if I understand that right. (probably not!) But actually I like AlphaInventions better because it also automatically cycles when a blog on it’s blogroll adds a new post and you can pause the cycle to get a better look at the current blog.

I’m very amazed by the guy that created AlphaInventions because I once wrote an X’s and O’s program with Q-Basic which took hours and when I realized making the computer learn from the human player would take like 9 more hours I quit and left it human vs. human only. (I couldn’t just make it play my way because then it would never lose) AlphaInventions took 3 months.

And it’s great – it actually puts the latest post of the current blog on its page somehow so that you can read it and comment right there. It’s like an RSS feed only cool. I wonder if there will be a problem that when it gets popular the featured blog posts will be gone maybe too fast to even pause. I don’t know if you can make it so readers can have options like it only refreshes the post every 5 or 10 seconds, or so that only every third or fourth etc. newly updated post from the blogroll knocks the current one off to control how quickly it moves. I guess the other option would be to break up the blogroll into smaller topic groups.

The other thing you could do with it is literally create an RSS feed, only cool. Either creating a tool that people could enter the blogs they like into and having the newest post on the front page and a button to cycle back through the later ones… or make it so that it creates a blog of all the posts of your favourite blogs on one page and you could read and comment on them all without even switching pages. I mean that – if it’s possible even – would rule the internets.


6 Responses to “AlphaInventions vs. Condron!”

  1. rcondron Says:

    lol… you have some great ideas… we have actually been working on several of them already 🙂 The customization of blogrolls requires user sign-ins and we aren’t sure if we want to deal with that… displaying all of the blog’s recent posts on one page is another very complicated puzzle, but we might have figured that one out already 😀

    Cheers! and thanks for the great feedback!

    -Ryan Condron

  2. alphainventions Says:

    Thanks for the great feedback, and I will be rolling out some new features in a bit. Yes mimicked but couldn’t get it right. I wish them the best of luck, and I will not be competing with them. I’m going to stay focused, and lead the way as usual.

    We need more innovators with original ideas, and not imitators that ruin it for everyone.

  3. da wolfe Says:

    Yeah, like I say, I like AlphaInventions quite a bit more – almost fills a different niche currently so I appreciate it in that way, but it’s not the same. Hopefully they’ll be able to add something to the basic idea or take it in a different direction, maybe there’s some synergy there.

    Definately best of luck for AlphaInventions : )

  4. Lesley Dewar Says:

    I saw your comment on the site and thought you might have some tips and ideas to share with us
    It is a great site and in fact part of its strength is the fact that the more you bump, the worse off you are.

    More than that, once you are recognised by Alphainventions, they send you traffic because you update your site – not because you keep resubmitting or you are an AIID subscriber. I have done a lot of statistical analysis on this and have the numbers to prove it.

    For me, the great thing about is that it keeps sending traffic to my site and using the referral back links I can visit those people. That is real value for blogging and building traffic.

  5. iadiedee Says:

    Interesting post
    I’m also more comfortable with AI
    The polished look of Condron is different but I JUST (20 mins ago) tried it out. WOW my provider is gonna FREAK with all this web traffic! LOL

    I don’t yet understand how Condron works. At least I got the theory and working of AI down pretty well

    Nice blog

    I shall return 😉

  6. da wolfe Says:

    Yeah the traffic is awesome. If I’d known was a clone I wouldn’t have included them but it’s been a pretty popular post! Thanks : )

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