wan gwising gurkin brillig, bolly-gum!

…and you thought nothing could make Lewis Carroll turn in his grave. no slight intended to celtic folk, seeing as how I am as much Irish as anything. the “braking” on saturnalya reference is to the first paragraph of this post

coam waggle-un!
ay swilly-swun!
er feedle-fea!
en fouldle-fun!

twas brillig, brillig bolly-gum!
ay feedle-fea
an fouldle-fun
fiddle faddled
-tut tut ta-un!

ov, brillig twas, ay saturnalya brillig bolly-gum!
ay feedle-fea gwised gurkinly
e brake turnkens wos sae gwisey, ahg
fea brake turnkens, doah e wur sae feedle
whay sae gurkin ay taht yae wonds?

ay, thys teh starong i’woggle-in ta yae

ah feedle, feedle-fea aws sach feedling
ay, wy teh kakking turnkens
dey kakking turnkens (the teller spits on the thatch floor of the story room)
kak teh turnkens!
nae lak fun, teh fouldling fun, sae fouldling wun fun
sa culled sa, aes fouldle-fun

a, e wun mandly ay trayu teh fun, ay fouldling-fun
nae suchk way fea, ay feedle-fea
fea, feedle-fea, e wun suchk er fureinwaman, ahg
a, e wud sae “a, nae suc kakers ta, nae teh turnkens” (the teller spat again)
“nae”, a, e wud sae, e wud sae “teh turnkens mak nae calumn
aginning nae mandl. Nae hae teh grand fae at. Naeeen ay saldery tae calumn” a, e wud gaon “naeen calumned er mundl, ay grandwiless naeven gaever teh caoin awngrand. nae, ay grandwiless, wiless turnkengrand
nae awngrands. ay nae awn grand ay grandwiless ay calumnwiless teh turnkens dun sae?”
a, sae e wud spechy owan, a, e wud sae, teh fureinwaman feedler
i’wud spechy naysae, sum thid ay saenon…
ah, by tremending tae woggle-in teh starong (said the teller with a twinkling eye)

fare twas an grising brillig mae gum, mae bolly-gum!
tehm slidy toves garyred awhy, ahg!
teh gimbling git tun tremons teh fadlys tae jaey
ay mandlers ar lukin tae farerwaman
ay saturnalya brillig, bolly-gum!
an farerwaman jagged alag ay taht fureinwaman feedle-fea
nae farerjaggin nae farerwaman twas awin tae fea
lak un Russic princepatia shae wus, a farerfureinwaman
bwhah! a agh, aghtra-la!
teh farerwaman, slyndynee-swae shae wus
a, slyndynee-swae strilled, ay strilled fea ni teh jaggin
ay fea wun tremons lattly, ay gwisy wid lukin ta shae
gwisy e wun, sae gwisy e wun marrie shae taht brillig ay taht
taht saturnalya brillig ay taht!
sae slyndynee-swae strilled anin,
shae strilled taht fea wun brake primerturnken

a, ay fea braked teh prima turnken ni teh brillig, saturnalya brillig bolly-gum!

a, ay nae anin wud fea, wunce feedle-fea, sae
a, e wud sae “wat wern’t teh turnkens kakkers? wat ten gis wae,
wae und ar braking? wae teh kakkers, nae?”

en drad e taht, i’dow, i’drad e taht
teh turnkens drow wae ar kakkers
fur laefe as gom kakkers, ay taht
beddst wae teh brakers den
beddst wae teh brakers

(fea married slyndynee-swae. having braked the first turnken on saturnalya he was no longer called feedle, and bolly-gum’s mom never missed a chance to explain why fea was the only one in the neighborhood with one name. and fea spent the last day of his life wishing he’d died the day after he lost his nickname)

ay = and/”and so”/”yeah…”
kakkers = rotten/”rotters”
feedle = freindly to Jews and/or weak or boring
fouldle = manly, spirited, unfreindly to Jews
fureinwaman = a foreign woman or unusual and disliked person, not a good, solid member of the community
farerwaman = beautiful, fair, a local woman
saldery = soldiers/army
calumn = war, to make war

…and so on, not neccessarily specific


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