The LP(I) (update: Ignatieff, not Isreal)

What does that mean? Think the Liberal Party of Canada… LPC. Think of Jason Cherniak, Warren Kinsella, and especially, Michael Ignatieff’s views on who bears responsibility for the events in Gaza.

That sounds like Liberal Party of Isreal.

Who wrote that?

The Mound of Sound, member of the Liblogs blogging roll. This is the comment at his blog:

Well Ted I guess I don’t have to request to be removed. I expect the former LPC, now LP(I) will be better off without people like me.

That either means Liberal Party of Isreal or Liberal Party of Ignatieff. I’d like to know which. (Update: Ignatieff)

Further on, another guy on the Liblogs roll, and member of the Liberal party James Curran said this:

Warren has used his blog to sell a few more copies of “Web of Hate” and has chastised all Liberals speeking out against the inhumane condiditons in Gaza.

Huh. It’s certainly fair to be upset that opposing the people you think are responsible for the conditions in Gaza gets you “chastised”… why exactly does Curran mention that Kinsella’s selling his book about anti-semitism because of this? I guess he figures it equates his position to the neo-nazis Kinsella wrote about. (It’s a good book btw, I’ll never be able to really dislike Kinsella because I’ll always have a picture of him as a punk rocker punching a skinhead at a rock concert brawl. Unfortunately it seems Kinsella will always picture himself that way too – whoever disagrees with him takes on the role of that skinhead and Kinsella’s always the punk hero. Not really a solid basis for formulating a political philosophy.)

But another comment is clearcut:

Penlan… I don’t think Iggy is ignorant. He just wants to make sure he gets “certain” votes in the next election.

Yeah that’s not cool.

This is Ezra Levant’s post about other things said by Curran and The Mound of Sand. Apparently some Czech politician’s viewpoint isn’t to be taken at face value – Curran’s heard he’s 1/8 Jewish.


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