The Churlishness of the Conservative Conscience

Appropriate huh? I posted this at the anti-Harper facebook group Stephen Harper Poems during the election which actually went silent for several days because of the poem I posted before this one. I felt bad for raining on their party so I wrote this one, more from their perspective.

Harper hero Harper horror
neither one tells a whole story
think I to the moments when
I listened to Louise Arbour:

goodbye radio interview
on dark travelling eve
one speaks of her final treatment
at hand of Canada’s New Government

critic she of Chinese record
critic she of Darfur’s road
critic she of despots many
but critic she of Isreal

so Harp many against Arbour
and with them I full agree
so she received no jot of thanks
no send off, no goodby thee

point made clear, sure foolish manner
more gracious way, not to hammer
just say thanks and if you must
speak your peice, as a “but”

oh noble stand!
oh grand silence!
oh so we bear our chagrined witness
to – 

The Churlishness of the Conservative Conscience

Update: The Arbour interview. There’s this attitude about conservatives that is simply bad manners and it does absolutely nothing to convince people of why we think it’s important to place at least the primary blame for the deaths of innocents in the Israel/Lebanon war on Hezbollah. Hezbollah and Hamas know they have no real ability to materially damage Israel so their entire strategy is propoganda – to try to make Israelis lose their will to go on living against constant hostility and to intentionally try to create photo-ops of Isreali soldiers inadvertantly killing civilians. I consider it anti-semetic in two ways to blame Israel for these deaths: first in holding Israel up for condemnation completely out of proportion to criticism of any other nation like the American response to 9/11 when Israel has endured dozens of 9/11’s for their population size with a far more restrained response, and second in treating the Arab populations who make up and support these ruthlessly genocidal organizations as if they have no moral agency. When Hezbollah triggers a war with the primary intent of creating images of innocent people being killed by the Israeli Defence Forces – and they are not blamed for it – it is the equivalent of treating them like they have no more ability to make moral choices than an animal, something far more disgusting and disheartening than holding Israel to a prejudicially high standard.


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