Freinds and Nemisi – A Pragmatic Idealist

Idealistic Pragmatist is a good name for a blog. I think of myself about the same, only I’d say I’m a pragmatic idealist. I want the best for people but think about the ways that can be achieved pretty coolly. It’s a great description of most conservatives. Some of them lack the idealism. Those I don’t care for. I really dislike people who would threaten to nuke mecca in response to another terrorist attack, and not only because it is mind-numbingly stupid. And I feel the same way about the NDP-types who get upset and refuse to countenance the use of large weapons against the Taliban. Tanks are mean and so they should never be used. In fact, and now I’m ranting, I will never vote for the NDP because they leaked talks between Canada’s government and the UAE because the UAE would be bringing more large weapons into Afghanistan. Actually the real reason was more complex, and even more stupid, so some other time.

Idealistic Pragmatist seems to be not conservative. Perhaps it has something to do with flipping the words – maybe the idealism gets to be on top too often. But this post was pretty good even though I totally pwnd the premise in the comments. And IP is a Canadian by choice. So that’s one thing I can’t argue with.


One Response to “Freinds and Nemisi – A Pragmatic Idealist”

  1. Idealistic Pragmatist Says:

    Thanks for the link.

    Here’s my take on pragmatism, by the way. I think people at any points on the left-right spectrum can be pragmatists, and there’s no point on the spectrum that’s inherently more pragmatic than any other. They’re independent measures.

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