Acid Hypocrisies

Stageleft is loving the Harper hypocrisy. (doubly so because his first post about this was about Harper’s pokerstar brilliance for doing what kicked this crazy thing off. Oh how the Pokerstars have fallen!)

I remember the scathing fury of conservatives when Martin was unprecedentedly avoiding opposition days before his government fell because I was one of them. Stageleft’s right – this is hypocritical with an acid burn.

But it’s pale beside the opposition who days ago were exploding over the partisan myopia of Harper risking the stability of the country and a 300 mill election by… gee, cutting the 30 mill of public money going to the parties.

Now they’re going to leap headfirst into either a 300 mill election or a coalition government equal part Liberal to NDP and Bloc Quebecois because they think they smell a chance to take Harper out and realize that they are willing to work together if it means sitting on the government side of the House.

Harper stepped off of his supposedly destabalizing partisan move – which I would say had a lot to do in the first place with the conservative instinct to make sacrifices of your own first and that the taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook in any case. Who do you think looks better to the people when they wake up to NDP and the Bloc in their government because Harper tried to end the taxpayer funding of all the parties – and despite the concessions the Conservatives are making for stability?

Which is why I like this idea. Especially the Liberals and Bloc sitting in government together. I like it as a partisan that is… as a Canadian, not really.

(globe links via National Newswatch)


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