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Will Alan Borovoy go all the way?

May 6, 2008

how conservatives can make abolishing Human Rights Commissions a winning issue.

Kate Macmillian and Kathy Shaidle are among my favorite bloggers. When I disagee with them it is usually because they have thrown out decency with political correctness and I would rather they do that than allow that albatross to hang on their minds. One of my burrs when I was thinking of writing this blog was some of their views, but ever since the free-speech attack was launched on them I have been reading almost exclusively the blogs and writing of the people under fire. And my attitude of sometime disapproval is about gone. I must break it to the anti-haters that they have made heroes out their targets – too bad they aren’t the type to beleive in the unintended consequences of government action!

The fringe progressives in our country have established themselves in “Human Rights” commissions where they prosecute heresy against Immaculate Homosexuality, infringe on religious expression, harrass what they see as the leftovers of our bigoted past, outlaw blasphemy on the behalf of the “other”, and bend reality to their will. There is a lot in this – an inherent Machiavellian aspect, a belief in their ability to recreate reality by speaking the Word of their ideology through commission and legislation, and what I can only understand as a suicidal instinct – largely focussed on the “likely to expose” article that I will post more on and that anyone with a head on their shoulders will take issue with.

But repealing Article 13 is not all that should be done. The Human Rights Commissions should be repealed outright, for the very reason the man who helped establish them still defends them.



The General Wolfe

May 6, 2008

***new introduction***

Welcome to the The General Wolfe.

I told my brother-in-law that I was thinking of writing a “journal of understanding things” making a case for “awesome-wing politics”. More in the line of poorly disguised right wing hackery I’m sure you’ll agree.

Beginning with the issue of gay marriage here in Canada I have come to recognize that the level of political discourse in my country is not reflective or anything that could be called a debate. It is a cultural battle by relatively civilized means. There are differences which cannot be reconciled and an oppositional system of government is essential in holding the ruling party to account but this culture, which Ayaan Hirsi Ali describes as western tribalism, does not encourage thought – and the General holds this truth to be self-evident: that an unthinking political culture is invidious to freedom and civility.

The intention of this journal is to counteract this.

(Update: also to not be so dorky about it)